Venice Colors introduces a spacious variety of inks, sheets, and overprints for certain methods of label Paper Printing Inks. Also, it has produced water base printing ink raw materials and allied Products. And now establish our Company enter into the water base color ink final products in several segments with process work we have the perfect label paper printing ink system.

What is Label Paper Printing Inks?

Label Paper Printing inks are also considered as the narrow-web machines intended for printing on the uncoated and coated paper used in the manufacture of Labels.

Technical Specification of Label Paper Printing Inks
Product Description
  • Machine – High-Speed Multi-station Narrow-web Flexo Printers
  • Product – Labels, Stickers, Tickets
  • Substrate – Any type of paper (Chromo, Map Litho etc)
  • Plate Specifications – Suitable for low thickness plates. Ink Fitting for line and Half Tone job
  • Colour Method – Only Transparent Inks available
  • Shade Matching – Not possible
Ink Usage and Properties
  • Viscosity – low
  • CMYK Series – Available.
  • Rub Resistance – Standard. High Scuff inks available on demand.
  • Water Resistance – Good
  • Drying– Fast
  • RoHS Compliance – Yes
  • Resolubility – Excellent
  • Toxicity Compliance – Yes
Where do we use the Label paper Printing inks?

The printed tissue paper inks are a magnificent way to personalise and add significance to your packaging and branding. Personalised label paper has a luxury appeal while preserving your solvent-based inks

The most generally used inks for label printing are solvent-based, water-based and UV. These inks can be utilised for a variety of the more common printing processes used for label printing, including UV flexo, solvent gravure, UV rotary screen, UV litho or letterpress, and various kinds of digital printing.

Water Base Flexo Inks for Flim Labels
Features of Label Paper Printing Inks:-

Printed, personalised or branded label paper Ink is a condensed but effective marketing practice that represents amazing value for money and we can offer low minimum order quantities.

  • Enhances sharper image due to high strength
  • Delivers excellent ink transferability
  • Consistent printability
  • Reduced wastage increases profitability
  • Low V.O.C.
  • Huge printing speed
  • Low odor
  • Excellent press Stability

Hence, Venice Colors are practised in Label Paper Printing Inks, Tissue paper printing inks, ruling inks for notebooks, and dairies, Kraft paper bag printing inks, paper cup printing inks etc.

Also, we would wish to prolong our service to your esteemed business. In case, if you need any guidance regardingLabel paper Printing Inks, Please feel free to keep in touch with us.