Venice Colors presents a comprehensive array of inks, coatings, and overprints for several methods of Tissue Paper Printing Inks—from Notebooks requires to specialized high-end graphics on Books, Text-books. Whether your printing project requires simplistic line work, a few vignettes, or variegated colour combinations with process work we have the perfect Notebook Ruling Printing PEG- Inks.

What is Notebook Ruling Printing PEG- Inks?

Notebook Ruling Printing PEG- Inks is used for high-quality printing for the production of books, notebooks, textbooks, etc.

Technical Specification of Notebook Ruling Printing PEG- Inks
Product Description
  • Packaging Size: 10 KG/20 KG/50 KG
  • Brand Name: Venice CHEM
  • Printing Type: FLEXO PRINTING
  • Packaging Type: Plastic Can, PLASTIC DRUM
  • Condition: New
  • Ink Color: ALL SHADES
  • Purity: BEST
  • Application: Industrial
  • Feature: Colour Matched, No Flushing, Supreme Quality
  • Usage: Exercise in Notebook Printing Ink
Where do we use the Notebook Ruling Printing PEG?

As you are aware pigment inks are used primarily to print on natural -based art paper or sheets. When printed on fabric paper/sheets directly, the pigment particles are absorbed by the porous of the fabric base material. So while results look good at the time of printing, they look faded once the print is cured.

Features of Notebook Ruling Printing PEG:-

Printed, or branded notebook ruling printing PEG-Ink is a simple but effective marketing practice that represents amazing value for money and we can offer low minimum order quantities.

  • Cost-effective
  • Quality results
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to handle

Venice Colors are practised in Notebook Ruling Printing PEG- Inks, label printing inks, ruling inks for notebooks, and dairies, Kraft paper bag printing inks, paper cup printing inks, and tissue paper printing inks.

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