Venice Colors grants an extensive range of inks, coatings, and overprints for numerous methods of paper cup printing inks—from plain brown box requires to specialized high-end graphics on demanding substrates. Whether your printing project requires simple line work, a few vignettes, or various colour combinations with process work we have the perfect paper cup printing ink system

What is Paper Cup Printing INKS?

The Paper Cup Printing inks are meant for printing on both uncoated and PE-coated board. Venice colour inks offer distinctive Flexo Printing Paper Cup Inks. Also, it is the best quality and has a competitive price in the Indian market. All Indian made and imported paper cup machine manufacturers dealers run our paper cup printing inks to increase their efficiency in the market.

Technical Specification of paper cup Printing Inks
Product Description

Our firm has favourably developed its business in the market owing to the offered elevated quality range of paper cup Printing Inks.

Usage and Size
  • Usage: Ideal for printing paper cup
  • Size: Customized

Machine – On-Line, Off-line Single, Multi-station Flexo Printers

Product – Paper Cups, plates

Substrate – Paper, Board both with and without PE Coating

Plate Specifications – Suitable for low thickness plates. Ink Suitable for line and Partial Tone job.

Colour Method -Both Transparent as well as Opaque Inks available.

Shade Matching – Pantone/ As per sample possible. Some Shades not possible. Please check with our executive.

Ink Usage and Properties

Viscosity – Low to medium

CMYK Series – Available

Rub Resistance – Standard. High Scuff inks available on demand.

Water Resistance – Good

Drying– Needs blowers for better results if the Paper is PE coated.

RoHS Compliance – Yes

Resolubility – Yes

Toxicity Compliance – Yes

Where do we use the Paper Cup printing inks?

Paper cup printing inks have come a long way in recent years. Although during shipping, paper cup substrates can be easily enhanced during the printing process. Paper cup Printing Inks are used in numerous materials such as-

  • Carbonated drinks packaging
  • Coffee products
  • Milk products
  • cold drinks packaging 
  • Other Beverages packaging
Who will use the Paper Cup Printing Inks?
  • Any Beverage packaging Printing Company
  • Any FMCG Manufacturer Company
  • Use of paper cups in advertising
  • other commercial printing
Features of Paper Cup Printing Ink:-
  • Unadulterated
  • Safe to use
  • Free from impurity
  • Solid Print Performance with Sharpness
  • Print Head Reliability 

Venice Colors organised with an exceptional track record for the best customer satisfaction. Also, we have an excellent technical professional who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your business.

In case, if you need any guidance regarding Paper Cup Printing Inks, Please feel free to keep in touch with us.